Flabelus is a magic world full of literary characters in the form of shoes. Founded in 2020 and with Castilian origins, we produce shoes with Heart, that is, sustainable shoewear made in Spain that addresses the needs of modern men and women. We have taken the most beautiful and centennial techniques from Spanish shoes’ tradition and reused them for a new means: Flabelus.
Flabelus is the result of our passion for local designs, made with love by hardworking shoewear artisans. We reshape timeless designs to adapt our shoes to the needs of the community, who look for edgy designs but most importantly, resistant shoewear responsibly produced. At Flabelus, we have married delicate simplicity with the highest quality craftsmanship to make a timeless staple Rock ‘n’ Roll and the most comfortable shoewear.

Furthermore, our designs wear lively combinations of colours, materials and shapes beyond the traditional, to inspire all tastes. In this way, the shoes combine the best of two worlds: the impeccable design of timeless shoewear and the strength and quality of Spanish centenary shoewear techniques.

We are responsible with the environment in which Flabelus are produced and with the community which we address. We want to give back the trust to the community and also make their concerns our own, not only from a design perspective but also from a social perspective. This is why we have a strong philosophy pro entrepreneurship since the very beginning of our history.