Flabelus is a brand with Heart, we actively support the lifestyle of brave men and women who have a positive impact by their consumption decisions. We want to be the first example of this positive impact, this is why our shoes are responsible with the environment and with the community in which they are produced.

Flabelus is born and is defined by two fundamental values: social sustainability and ecologic sustainability.

Our goal is to produce the highest quality shoes preserving resources for future generations.
The entire production process creates little waste. An example of this is our provider of inner soles, which is already a zero waste company.
Flabelus has transparent production lines located in Europe with very well selected materials, which are organic and/or recycled.
Our products are crafted by dedicated local artisans who follow the most beautiful traditional processes such as the manual sewing of the shoe as in the old days, passed downs from generation to generation.
Flabelus slippers' inner sole and inner shoe are composed of 70% bamboo and 30% recycled polybular polyester - this fibre has a star shape which helps sweat absorption and evaporation.
The sole is made with recycled rubber that are carefully stitched together by hand, and our packaging is both 100% recycled and recyclable.

Our focus is double - to ensure that the producers and their families are able to grow their businesses without altering their traditional craftsmanship, guaranteeing the future of the region, as well as to ensure that what matters for our clients is also relevant to us.
We already are top-5 client for all our providers.
Flabelus promotes local solidarity by choosing our suppliers among small and medium-sized European companies.
We have agreed fair prices with providers and we make sure that prices are discussed with all parties involved.